I am so glad you have found me!

Life is always a question of perspective or point of view.
Do you believe and trust that things happen for a reason?
What do you stand for in your life and what inspires you from deep inside?

Do you want to change certain things in your life?
Do you have the courage and strength for a new beginning?
Would you like a stress free more satisfying new job?

Every problem in life can be a chance to start anew.

As a psychologist, certified life coach, hypnosis therapist and face reader I can support you in creating a more balanced life.
I can show you how to recognize and use your strengths. I also will help you to learn how to cope with challenges in a better way.

My goal:
My professional motivation is to support and help my clients in achieving clarity about their lives and goals.
Through my holistic approach, we can redesign many areas of life together.

Life CoachING

My work as a coach consists of going through the change process with you.

I support you during your work allowing the change to happen.


Intensive and efficient hypnosis therapy will allow you, among other things, to gain access to the subconscious. In that way the existing strengths and resources are released and available again.

Face Reading

What is the point of facial analysis? The face is an open book in which one can read and write. Every face is unique and as individual as the person who has it.