Intensive and efficient hypnosis therapy will allow you, among other things, to gain access to the subconscious. In that way the existing strengths and resources are released and available again.


What does hypnosis therapy involve, what is the procedure?

  1. Preliminary information and anamnesis. I explain to you the details about hypnosis, the actual hypnosis therapy and your role and responsibilities during the process
  2. Clarification of all questions you might have
  3. Defining your goals and expectations
  4. Introduction to the hypnotic state and deepening into the state
  5. Hypnotherapy per se
  6. Follow-up discussion and feedback

Usually, when clients go into deep hypnosis and the hypnosis therapy has been intensive, no additional appointment to work an issue is needed. However, this varies from person to person.


Follow-up appointments may be necessary, especially if several issues are being worked on at the same time. For instance: smoking, weight control, and mood swings.

The coaching takes place in my practice in Bassersdorf and is offered in German, English and Spanish.
Do you live far away and you do not have the possibility to come to the office? I offer Life coaching sessions through SKYPE. We will make an appointment and you will transfer, in advance, the amount of CHF 250 (Swiss Francs) to my account.

Cost: CHF 620 (Swiss Francs) includes a detailed and thorough hypnosis therapy information and therapeutic session.
Duration: Approx. 180 minutes
If additional consultation is desired, the cost is CHF 250 (Swiss Francs) per hour
Payment: On site in cash, with Twint, EC or credit card, for online coaching via PayPal or bank transfer

You must cancel an already booked session at least 24 in advance, otherwise CHF 250 (Swiss Francs) will be charged for the missed appointment.

Quote Katie Byron:

"Maturity does not come with age, but through awareness."