My work as a coach consists of going through the change process with you. I support you during your work allowing the change to happen.

In this process lies the opportunity to achieve effective and sustainable change. The prerequisite for this is your total cooperation and lack ambivalence towards change.
The work in my practice is subjected to total confidentiality. I work with you in an unbiased, non-judgmental way and in a totally neutral manner.

The coaching takes place in my practice in Bassersdorf and is offered in German, English and Spanish.
Do you live far away and you do not have the possibility to come to the office? I offer Life coaching sessions through SKYPE. We will make an appointment and you will transfer, in advance, the amount of CHF 150 (Swiss Francs) to my account.


Cost: CHF 1050 - 1200 (Swiss Francs) flat rate for 7-8 sessions
Duration: One session approx. 60 minutes
If additional consultation is desired, the cost is CHF 150 (Swiss Francs) per hour
Payment: On site in cash, with Twint, EC or credit card, for online coaching via PayPal or bank transfer


You must cancel an already booked session at least 24 in advance, otherwise CHF 150 (Swiss Francs) will be charged for the missed appointment.

Quote Molière:

"We are not only responsible for what we do, but also for what we don't do."