"I went to my first hypnosis session. Nayra explained the procedure and what hypnosis all is about in a very comprehensive and professional manner. I was able to relax and open myself completely during the hypnosis treatment. I am extremely happy to be smoke-free now. It was an intense and fascinating experience. I totally recommend this experience". A Bleuler


  "I waited too long to seek help for my problem. For years, I have been ashamed to show my feet and I have not allowed anyone, not even my husband or daughter, to touch them. After the hypnosis session with Nayra, shame and disgust disappeared. I just had my first pedicure "ever" and I felt relaxed and comfortable! I recommend this experience to anyone who dares to eliminate fears and obstacles in their life with one hypnosis session. I am very grateful to Nayra for her support towards healing. I am very much looking forward to the next session, where I will learn more about my life and / or former lives to start growing as a human being in the "now".
The return to past lives was a unique and grandiose experience! I always had the feeling to have lived other lives. During the hypnosis, I realized that my soul had a mission in different lives. My subconscious simply wandered through these lives and showed me experiences and lessons. I was able to experience four lives in great detail, and I am very happy to have "rediscovered" them. As a therapist, Nayra uses magic words that have made this beautiful and unique experience possible for me. I recommend Nayra with no reservations.
I. Stark