Face Reading


What is the point of facial analysis? The face is an open book in which one can read and write. Every face is unique and as individual as the person who has it. Face reading not only would help you (helps) to recognize and understand elements of your personality and health characteristics that are reflected on your face, but also to discover existing talents.

Face analysis enables you to better understand your personality, get to know yourself in a new and deeper way as well as to discover and maximize abilities and talents.

Face reading is also very valuable when dealing with children and teenagers. Face analysis allows to recognize the strengths and abilities of children, adolescents and adults.

Face analysis & Life coaching

Face analysis: The detailed analysis of your face will provide you with information about yourself, about certain behaviors, and personality traits. You will learn about your talents and life learning that it is supposed to happen during your time on earth.

Cost: CHF 250 (Swiss Francs)
Duration: Approx. 75 minutes (the price increases proportionally)


Face analysis & Life coaching: Utilizing the face analysis’ results, we will address your concerns, establishing and defining your goals for the Life coaching sessions. With my support and guidance, you will start implementing different strategies until reaching your goals. You will work at your pace using a step by step approach.

The coaching takes place in my practice in Bassersdorf and is offered in German, English and Spanish.
Do you live far away and you do not have the possibility to come to the office? I offer Life coaching sessions through SKYPE. We will make an appointment and you will transfer, in advance, the amount of CHF 250 (Swiss Francs) to my account.

Cost: CHF 620 (Swiss Francs) flat rate that includes an extensive and very thorough informative discussion of the face analysis results’ and Life coaching session.
Duration: Approx. 180 minutes
If additional consultation is desired, the cost is CHF 250 (Swiss Francs) per hour
Payment: On site in cash, with Twint, EC or credit card, for online coaching via PayPal or bank transfer


You must cancel an already booked session at least 24 in advance, otherwise CHF 250 (Swiss Francs) will be charged for the missed appointment.

Quote Philip Schmid:

"Turn your face towards the sun, and the shadows will fall behind you."