About me


Life is unpredictable. I graduated as a Licensed Psychologist in 1991, and three years later, I had the opportunity to move from Venezuela to Switzerland. Once living in Switzerland, my priority was to learn the German language to be able to integrate to society, obtain better job opportunities, and achieve all kind of goals in my professional life. In addition to working as an office clerk in the travel agency Kuoni, I worked in the human resources department of a very prestigious hotel. I left the Savoy Hotel to work at the Zurich airport. I started as an air traffic employee being soon promoted to be a Customer Service Manager and Supervisor. During my tenure at the Zurich airport, I discovered that I enjoy working with people from different nationalities and cultures. I also realized that I really love to help people.

A decisive moment in my life was going through a major company’s restructuring. At this point, I took advantage of the opportunity life was offering me and I decided to become independent and Self Employed. I have always been fascinated by change and personal development in all areas. For that reason, I decided to train as Life Coach and Hypnotherapist to add additional skills to my “tools bag”.

All my professional roles in customer service, tourism, personnel recruitment, and managerial positions gave me valuable exposure in areas like communication, leadership and consulting. In addition to all these experiences, I have had the opportunity to live in different countries (Colombia, France, USA and Switzerland). This has allowed me to counsel and support people in different situations utilizing different languages (German, Spanish, English).



Universidad Central de Venezuela

1991: Psychology studies at the state university with diploma in Caracas

Jose Cardenas de la Rosa

1992: NLP Practitioner (Caracas – Venezuela)

Dr. Zimmermann + Partner

2001: Hypnosis, personality development and life plan

Coach Trainer Academy SCHWEIZ

2017: Dipl. Systemic Coach & Consultant (CTAS)
2018: Dipl. Systemic Health Coach & Resilience Trainer (CTAS)
2018: Dipl. Systemic Line Up Coach (CTAS)

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Facereading Academy

2019: Workshop Health in the face
2019: Physiognomics I + II
2019: Siang Mien I + II (Chinese face reading)
2020: Face diagnostics I (Read health, illness, nutrition in the face)

Mireille Eva Gugolz

2019: Reading body language


2020: Hypnosis basic training
2020: Dipl. Hypnosis therapist NGH